Anonymous said "I was wondering about Marie being closed, and whether - were someone to want to play one of her brothers - this would affect their story line? Or if this COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL person should just audition and work out the kinks with whoever played her, if they're still about, later on?"

This would definitely affect their story line. Their sister is dead, and she’s known to be dead by a few members of the castle, specifically her best friend Audrey who’s still severely grieving. So while her family doesn’t know.. if they come here, they’re going to find out. They would have known Marie came here, since Marie signed up for this back when it was a competition

I guess that after the show ‘shut down’ and ‘went off air’ she could have been missing, presumed dead.

Only in this case she is actually dead.

Buuuut, since we don’t take past players into account, you can play one of the brothers however you’d like - the only thing that would change for them is that Marie is dead (though they won’t find that out until someone tells them about it) 

Make sense? Feel free to contact Rea here since she’s sometimes on this account to talk on the OOC chat-blog, or here if you have anymore questions!


Anonymous said "what characters are most wanted?"

There’s plenty more, actually, but those were the ones that came to my mind immediately! 

If you look at the taken character list here I’m sure that’ll help too!


Anonymous said "Hi! Uhm. I was think about joining? But, I don't know for sure what characters you have that are taken? And are there any that any of you really really want??"


A complete list of taken characters are found right here

We’re still under construction with a lot of bios, but some examples of open characters can be found right here

I’ll answer the question about wanted characters in this next ask! 


Anonymous said "is this roleplay looking for more people to join?"

We’re always looking for new faces! Honestly, it’ll be nice to have more people join our little family.


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Your character is already awake. Or maybe not, maybe they’re napping in the lobby, maybe they’re in the kitchen, maybe they’re gathered in a group in the ball room mourning the young girl that has so recently passed. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, really, and they don’t have to move…but they might want to. The first thing they notice is the drop in temperature. Maybe it’s a draft from outside, maybe someone forgot to stoke the fire, maybe someone’s just walked through the door. But then it keeps dropping, and soon they can see their breath fanning out before them, and not soon after that they notice the frost that’s slowly creeping up the palace walls, the floor becoming slick with ice. Winter has invited itself into the castle, and there is no escaping it. 

So you know that darling little Ice Queen that’s been lurking around the castle? The one that’s so sweet with hints of sass and a sad backstory sprinkled in? 

She’s really not as sweet as you might think. Don’t believe me? Believe the trolls. This is one of their prophecies from years ago about the darling girl; and believe me when I tell you that a troll prophecy is not to be questioned. 

Your future is bleak/Your kingdom will splinter/Your land shall be cursed/With unending winter/With blasts of cold will come dark art,/And a ruler with a frozen heart./Then all will perish in snow and ice,/Unless you are freed with a sword sacrifice.

Lovely little rhyme isn’t it? Well, that being said, enjoy the lovely weather, and be careful who you trust.  

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